Here you’ll find the range of d&b audiotechnik Mobile Amplifiers available to hire from Millstone Sound.
All d&b amplifiers incorporate sophisticated Digital Signal Processing capabilities for comprehensive loudspeaker management, switchable filter functions, remote capabilities and user-definable controls. The d&b amplifiers are designed specifically to power d&b loudspeakers and are the beating heart of all d&b systems. The dual channel D6 and D12 offer 4-band parametric equalizers, along with 340 ms of signal delay, while the D20 and D80 provide two user-definable 16-band equalizers with parametric, notch, shelving and asymmetric filters and up to 10 seconds of delay, all of which can be applied to each of the amplifiers’ four channels. All d&b amplifiers feature analog and AES / EBU digital inputs
for each channel, not to mention System check, Input and Load monitoring, overvoltage protection, temperature and signal controlled cooling and switch mode power supplies.


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