Live Music

Live sound encompasses a wide range of music styles and performances.

Our wide range of speakers from the d&b audiotechnik E, T and V series cater for demands of live music with ease, whether it is acoustic and vocals for shanty singing, contemporary jazz, drum and bass, or in your face rock and roll.

At outdoor festivals the sound coverage pattern needs to focus on the audience, not spill into the neighboring field or light up the council’s decibel meters. The tight pattern control of the d&b speakers are essential to achieve focused coverage, which is one reason why you hear them again and again at major festivals.

Festivals can have many smaller stages and dance tents sited close or back to back. With horn loaded or conventional subwoofers the low frequency bass can easily spill into other nearby acts. To help overcome this the d&b B4-SUB and V-SUB have a cardioid dispersion pattern, which considerably reduces the level behind the speaker, giving more control focusing punch and energy at the front, just where its needed.

Whether you need a system for a small dance tent, or the alternative or main stage we have sound equipment for hire.

The d&b T or V series can be ground stacked or flown and scaled for the size of venue.

Stage monitors, stage side fill, or main Front of House systems are all available.