Private Functions

Everyone likes a good time to celebrate a special date in the year.

Nothing worse than remembering how awful it sounded though ! Millstone don’t do cheap speakers on sticks but we do hire d&b speakers at prices you’ll love.

We can provide the equipment and engineering for your stage along with any zoned or distributed speakers for speech and background music coverage around a seated dining area, with wireless microphones for those speeches.

For weddings if you’re on a tight budget, we can provide just the minimum for your speech and music playback from an mp3 player, or everything needed to make it the best day ever for you and your guests.

If you’re a DJ and find yourself turning down gigs because you lack speaker power, then Millstone can help with sound re-enforcement.

Lots of sub-bass is easily achieved with the d&b B4-SUB or V-SUB subwoofers, and depending upon the size of the venue, T or V series line array tops can be ground stacked on the subs or flown.

If you’re looking for a full disco then Millstone can organize that with our DJ partners.