Public Address

Public address is at the core of Millstone Sound – it’s where we started from.

Millstone can provide sound equipment for just about any public event, from humble small gatherings to spectator crowds. If you haven’t experienced the quality of our PA then you are truly in for a surprise.

We have PA that is technically ahead of the game, world leading d&b audiotechnik speakers and amplification. That means power efficient digital amplifiers with digital signal processing that follows what the loudspeakers are doing. Digital mixing, digital distribution and of course the usual analog too. We can setup and go just about anywhere with our standalone silent battery power supplies.

Speech intelligibility is very important, especially outside in variable weather, so we don’t use ancient horn speakers for PA. We deploy an arsenal of d&b audiotechnik T10 and E8 speakers distributed throughout the event for the most exceptionally audible crisp and clear sound. For larger events we can setup multiple line arrays for wider coverage. Our sophisticated digital radio and network audio links supply the signal from a central control point, or for smaller events, our custom van.

We can provide Emergency Voice Communications systems too for large crowds. Our d&b speakers can be monitored through the d&b amplifiers and an emergency voice communication can be inserted to override the feed in accordance with the European Standard EN 60849 ‘Sound Systems for Emergency Purposes’. This standard facilitates a rapid and orderly mobilization of occupants in an indoor and/or outdoor area affected by a hazard or emergency which has occurred.

If your event needs some background music than we can provide that too, including PPL and PRS licensing if required.

In addition to PA we also do Live Music. So we can cover a days competition and then the after party.

For more about indoor public address solutions see the Corporate section.

For more about outdoor public address solutions see the Sports Events section.

Our PA rates are competitive, we don’t charge a premium for our premium PA. From the Village Fete to Festival Stage we are here for you. So what are you waiting for, contact us now.