Sporting events are all about the achievements on the day.

Millstone have many years of experience in providing wide area coverage for commentary and background music at sporting events and competitions, both indoor and on all types of outdoor terrain.

We have designed and developed our own specialist electronics, silent power packs, radio links and rigging, to allow us to go and provide sound coverage where you’d least expect it.

As we’re based in Cornwall we are experts in beach and surf events and we can site speakers (we call them SoundCastles) near the action, for example around an arena in the middle of the beach, or down at the tide line. Radio relays from one area to other areas of the event can provide separate zoned coverage, for example, just for competitor marshaling areas, or widespread for spectators as needed.

For that all important podium and presentation a stage made from our Prolyte StageDex with sound from a T10 line array or E12s with B4-SUBs provide the impact for themed music and celebration.

Event commentary is achieved with Sennheiser 2000 series radio, either handheld or beltpack with headsets. We have a water resistant radio solution for commentary from water craft following a race. Our high gain directional antennas pickup the transmitters up to 2km over open water and sea, and bring the exciting race commentary from water craft following the race back to the shore side audience, making the race more exciting.

If your event takes in a wide area or a has long distance spectator lined route, then we can provide a solution to cover, whether it be an entire square mile over a beach, or quayside or promenade beach front.

For arena and track based events with tiered seating we have compact lines arrays which can be aimed out of line of sight on the ground, curved to match the rise in seating height.