Prolyte LiteDeck

LiteDeck – The decking and staging solution for touring, festivals and productions.

StageDex + LiteDeck Brochure 

With more than 20 years of experience, LiteDeck is one of the highest performing and most popular decking systems in the world of demanding touring productions. Tried and tested internationally, it is a lightweight yet robust staging solution that can be relied upon to perform.

While the welded side profiles give the stage platform a modern and “rock ’n roll” style look, they also provide ultimate strength and a lightweight staging solution. Combined with the hard birch plywood top, your deck is built to last, a must in the professional staging industry.

Combine the castors of the StageDex range to create rolling risers.

LiteDeck is available for dry or fully installed hire, complete with safety railings and steps.

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